Sunday, October 29, 2017

Bad choices and beyond

I have a friend that is very over weight and she decided to have bariatric surgery. I thought "good for her! She has made the choice to get healthy and get her life back!" She went to a surgeon and started her process. She did everything they asked her to, it took her a bit to loose the 10% of her weight but finally she got to the goal and it was sugary time over a year after her first consult!! She decided to have a Sleeve Gastrectomy, which a restrictive surgery where they remove 90% of your stomach, so you can only eat small amounts of food. Honestly after all of my meetings and seminars I went to that explained all of your surgery choices I believe she picked the wrong one for her situation. I know the reason she picked the surgery she did is because she was scared and she knew that surgery was successful for my situation but I don't believe it was the right choice for her. Also the doctor did not give good after care instructions, which are extremely important to success.

Another key factor is a support group where you can talk with others who are in your same situation, it was mandatory for me to go to these meetings and I appreciate it because I learned a lot and I got meet and talk with people in my same situation. I mean really who else can you talk to about when you tried sushi for the first time after your surgery you spent 45 minutes in the bathroom realizing that rice expands in your stomach so even after one piece you are barfing for almost an hour. And who else can laugh at the story when you tell them that the waitress was more concerned about than your friends and they looked like mean people when they said "Oh she is fine this happens all of the time." While they are finishing eating my food…. Yes it is true vomiting has become something I am accustom to and I know when I do not follow my eating instructions I will most likely be in the bathroom "taking care of business."

My friend was not given instructions as I was and I strongly believe that is her down fall. I am not saying I follow that "BOOK" but I use it as resource and a guide still to this day. Also I don't think she ever goes to group meetings. These are key tools in success with this path.

Make sure if you are going to go through all of the work to get the surgery that you use it as a tool so you can have success with it and not have it be in vain. Make sure you pick the best possible surgeon and that the program they provide both before and after surgery is one with plenty of support groups and after care. This is a life long journey not a quick fix.

Best wishes,
Zee Taylor

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Meal Replacements

Lets chat about not wanting eat. I get those days where you just don't care and you are not really hungry  and nothing sounds appetizing, I rarely have these days because I am obsessed with the watching the cooking channel. My down fall is that I am lazy and never have groceries to cook with……. seriously I only have baby food and milk… how can I be gourmet with baby food and milk?

So I have alternatives. I absolutely LOVE the supplements from Dr Boyce's office! They are amazing! They are balanced with everything I need! They have the perfect amount of nutrition I need for every meal and or snack. So if you have read my past posts you know that I traveled to India. I was so afraid that when I went I would not be able to eat the food, Indian food is known to be spicy and my tummy does not do well with spicy since the surgery. So I took enough Protein Shakes to last me the entire trip. It was funny that win I opened my suitcase all of the bottles fell out! They were my life savors throughout his trip. I did find some average spiced food but I always carried my shakes and a bottle of water to mix them, that is another great plus, all you have to do is add some water and shake, shake, shake! They were a life saver!!!!

Go and check out the supplements, even if you just need vitamins  there are amazing ones that have been specially formulated to have the perfect combination for a ton of needs….. I take the "Hair, Skin and Nail" and have amazing results!!! Go check everything out at Let's get healthy and be happy!!!!

It's been awhile… Like FOREVER!

I'M BACK!!! So sorry It has been so long since I posted!

Little update, since the last time I posted I had a baby! I really never thought I would have kids, but it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me! I am now down to 145 pounds!

So lets do some math… The day I had my surgery I was 305 and now I am 145 (even after being pregnant) so that means I have lost 160 pounds!!! I feel amazing I have NEVER been in a single digit pant size until now!

I will be honest I HATE exercise so I try and find fun things to do to get in some body movement. I love Hula Hooping*…. Yes I know it sounds childish and odd, but they now have adult size hoops*. The thing that is so great about the adult size hoop* is that it is bigger and heavier, one it spins slower so you can keep it 'up' easier and it gives you a great core work out! It is not just for your mid-section, you can also spin it on your hand or arms and it will tone up your upper body too! It's a great alternative exercise.

But there are MANY other options for exercise if you don't like the 'Regular' routines…. I hate puss-ups, leg lifts, treadmills, weights….. Pretty much the only thing I like to do at a gym is the Eliptical, I don't know why buy I can stay on one of those for hours! I love them! If I had room in my house I would get one, but when you live in a 1300sqft house with a toddler there isn't much extra room (she has too many d**n toys). Which is an issue I know drivers can relate too, not the toys but the lack of space). So think of alternative ways to exercise. There are so many options…. Hooping, Jump Rope, Kettle Bell, even just walking (32 times around a truck and 56' trailer equals a mile) you can be exercising while you are doing your pre and or post trip checks! Get out and get moving!

And if you want to learn more about weight lose surgery and its amazing benefits contact me! I would be more than help you with any questions or to direct you to someone who can help you with your healthy life path.  You have so many options don't wait just jump in and change your life for the better! Get rid of your meds, your sleep apnea, your high blood pressure, reverse your diabetes, just feel better about yourself! Be proactive and help yourself be all that you can be and that doesn't mean you have to get surgery you can do it with any 'tools' you want to use! I used the surgery tool mixed with some alternative exercise and I have found amazing results……. Lets find what will work for you! If you are interested in finding out more go to Dr Boyce's web site and contact him

*Build your own adult sized Hula Hoop…. get supplies here message me if you have nay questions….. I have constructed MANY hoops and can hopefully help if the need arises.

Best wishes,
Zee Taylor & Baby T

Friday, June 3, 2011

Never Thought....

...I would travel so much! I have always liked to travel but it is so much more enjoyable now. Last November I went to India. It was a wonderful experience. The people, the places, the culture and oh I can't forget the food! Which was a bit hard to enjoy sometimes since my tummy is still so sensitive but the food I did try was good. I had never had Indian food before so it was spectacular to get authentic Indian food for my first experience.

We traveled a lot in the country too we went from South India (Bangalore) to Northern (New Delhi) and everywhere in between. Since we spent a good amount of time on the go it was hard to get in a solid meal in. I took protein bars and drinks everywhere with me. It was a life saver and I highly suggest anyone traveling to do the same. It was funny packing food but it was one of the best ideas and it gave me plenty of room to bring souvenirs home :-)

The sites were amazing and I know I would have never gone on this trip if I hadn't lost the weight. I love that I am living my life the fullest now!

Little 'ol me at the Taj Mahal 

Little monkey friend behind me

Couldn't go to India and not get a Sari 

Grocery Shopping, India has HUGE avocados'! 

Feelin' Fine!

As of today I am 145 pounds lighter! I am feeling great, so great I often (too often) forget to blog. But I have not completely forgotten about it. My life is pretty routine now. But every once in a great while I get a bit out of control and eat too much, too fast or the wrong thing and my body reminds me that it was a no-no. So yes I do still get sick sometimes but I think of it as a friendly reminder that I am doing bad to my body and it brings me back to the reality of things. It has been 1.5 years since my surgery and I am reminded everyday that that was the greatest day of my life. It was the greatest day of my life because it was the day I took control and everyday I look in the mirror I see the wonderful product that came from me taking the step to get healthy!

May 2011- 145 pounds lost

Friday, July 23, 2010

I hate exercising!

So if you don't already know, I despise going to the gym! I just don't want to go to a stinky place full of stinky people to wait for a treadmill and then have someone stand behind me the whole time waiting for me to be done. It's just not my cup of tea it rack's my nerves.  But exercise is important to keep your body healthy and to aid weight loss, so I am searching out alternative exercise practices. I guess I could get some workout machines and make my own little gym at home but honestly who wants those ugly things laying around the house? Not me! Plus none of those things are fun. So on to fun exercise! I hula hoop and boy oh boy is that a work out and now I am going to try to roller skate.

I am old school and not a fan of roller-bladding (sp?) so I got me some quad skates (there easier to stand in). Besides how on earth do you use brakes if they are in the back I am use to the front brake. Everything I do has to have an end goal, my hooping led me to hoop walk a half marathon and my skating is hopefully going to get me in to Roller Derby. I thought about being a Derby Girl but realized I bruise like a peach so I decided that I could be a referee. Being a ref will get me into Derby and that will get me up and moving more often since they have practice like 5 days a week.

So I guess we will see how it goes, I will keep you updated on my skating and if I find any other fun ways to get my exercise in :-)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hair Loss

Recently I got a comment from a reader concerned about hair loss after surgery (Hi Tammy!). Hair loss can certainly be a side effect of any surgery, it can caused by many different variables i.e.: anesthesia, hormone levels, stress, nutrition and the list goes on. The good news is it most often a temporary side effect. It could be anywhere from a minimal to extreme. Personally I have really thick hair, i was loosing chunks of hair daily (totally clogged my tub drain) nobody could visually tell I was loosing my hair but it took it's toll on me mentally. It is hard when you are use to having long thick hair and it is thinning right before your eyes even if no one else notices.

After talking with my doctor about the issue he reassured me that it was common and the problem will correct itself after I hit my 6 month mark. He was right I am 9 months out from surgery and my hair loss has slowed and it is starting to grow back.

The bad news is there isn't much you can do to prevent it since a lot of it has to do with hormone levels and your body readjusting to your new diet. To keep loss to a minimum I would suggest strictly sticking to your doctors recommended diet and vitamin regimen.

It made me feel better to have my hair cut, I mean I cut it short! It also helped me not notice how much of my hair was falling out (until I swept the floor or cleaned the drain, haha).

So I hate to say it but there isn't much you can do to prevent the loss but it only lasts a couple months then you look forward to new healthy hair. My nails are growing like crazy now too!

I hope this helped answer some questions, I wish I had better advice on how to prevent it but I guess somethings are out of our control but again not everyone experiences hair loss so who knows you might be a lucky one. And if all else fails go buy some wigs and enjoy having a new hairstyle everyday and not having to comb your hair :-)